Photo of a Family of Anglers at One of the Premier Alaska Fishing CampsIt may not seem like it at the moment as a large portion of the United States battles a record-breaking polar vortex, but we’re closing in on yet another marvelous fishing season here on Admiralty Island, Alaska. Favorite Bay Lodge, one of the premier Southeast Alaska fishing camps, is already accepting reservations for the upcoming season. Each full day of world-class fishing ends with gourmet cuisine inside our luxury wilderness lodge, just one of the many perks of choosing Favorite Bay. Visiting anglers can choose between a wide variety of saltwater and freshwater excursions depending on the season and availability. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect this summer here on Admiralty Island, one of the most beautiful places in Alaska.

Saltwater Excursions

Admiralty Island, if you’ve never seen a documentary on our thriving wildlife, is well off the beaten path, so you’ll always enjoy a full day of saltwater fishing without bumping into anglers or tourists. You won’t have to hop aboard a 45-minute charter to a desired fishing hotspot because you’re always within minutes of a fishing adventure near Admiralty Island! Our waters are teeming with all five Pacific salmon species, massive halibut, and a splendid variety of colorful (and surprisingly delicious) rockfish. All of our guides have been fishing in these pristine waters their entire lives; they know every hot spot and hidden gem. We highly recommend saltwater excursions because it allows anglers to see much more of Admiralty Island and the surrounding archipelagos. 

Secluded Freshwater Journeys

Most Alaska fishing camps will cruise down ultra-popular rivers with unobtainable promises of an action-packed salmon run. Alternatively, Favorite Bay Lodge ushers anglers into secret streams, peaceful mirror lakes, and quiet creeks in search of some of the healthiest freshwater species in Alaska. Most of our expeditions will seek plump Dolly Varden, trophy steelheads, and cutthroat trout, but we also offer seasonal freshwater salmon fishing as well. Some of these private excursions involve kayaking or canoeing through lush, untouched wilderness. While we encourage guests of all skill levels to join these trips, experienced anglers will enjoy the challenge!

Luxurious Alaska Fishing Camps

Photo of Grilled Halibut at One of the Best Alaska Fishing CampsNot only do we provide all bait, tackle, and gear, but you’ll also enjoy hearty breakfasts, boxed lunches, and four-course gourmet cuisine at dinnertime. While the blackened halibut, garlic butter salmon, and white wine spotted prawn are all to-die-for, please save room for the chef’s special dessert! Unlike many other Southeast Alaska fishing camps, we provide world-class processing, which includes all filleting, vacuum sealing, flash freezing, and insulated packaging. Availability fills fast once summer nears, so dial 1-866-788-3344 today to book a well-deserved world-class fishing trip to Angoon, Alaska!