A first person view of cameras and other accessories associated with planning the upcoming Alaska fishing season.The only thing that goes faster than the Alaskan fishing season at Favorite Bay Lodge on Admiralty Island is the rate at which we turn our attention to the following year. Now don’t get us wrong, having a short reprieve from the hustle and bustle of running a wilderness fishing resort is certainly welcome. But still, we’ve already started taking a pointed look at next season and what we need to do, so we suggest you do the same. We know there will be plenty of eager anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts chomping at the bit for a well-deserved retreat, so early booking is imperative to secure the dates you want to be in Angoon, Alaska. Making an effort to plan your trip is the best way to maximize your experience, so to get you going, we put together three simple reasons to book your fishing trip now.

Dates of Availability

Many people out there work hard for the privilege to take time off of work at a moment’s notice. However, not everyone has that perk. Employers require several days, weeks, or even months notice before allowing for time off in many cases. Early booking gives you concrete information about what days you’ll be gone from work and makes scheduling much more manageable. Reserving dates at least six months out may seem too precautious, but you’ll be happy you did as you plan how to spend your time during the Alaskan fishing season. 

Financial Planning

Oddly enough, one of the most overlooked aspects of booking for the Alaskan fishing season is also the most crucial. Needless to say, you’ll need enough funds set aside to cover an advance deposit and confirm your booking. However, you’d be surprised at how many travelers have had to alter their plans because they didn’t think about the initial costs. Booking now will streamline the financial planning process by giving you enough time to build a surplus of cash for additional travel expenses. Furthermore, the quicker you know when you’ll be going, the better you can manage your spending.

Transportation and Logistics

Arguably the most rigorous aspect of traveling for the Alaska fishing season is booking flights and other transportation. Depending on where you’re from, there is a high likelihood that you’ll be arriving in Juneau via airplane. Booking now allows you to purchase flight tickets early, thereby saving you a bit of extra money. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you get the correct flights to avoid any unnecessary delays. On the bright side, once you are in Juneau, we’ll arrange for your transport to the lodge.

Remote Luxury Resorts in Alaska: Don’t Miss Out!

Photo of a man who caught a king salmon near our Alaskan fishing lodge.Booking your accommodations well in advance is advisable for any vacation, and visiting a remote location only furthers the importance of planning well. There is a plan for every budget with a bevy of Alaska vacation packages on our rates and specials page. At Favorite Bay Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering more than an elite fishing experience, and we invite you to find out how. For more information or to make a reservation for the next Alaska fishing season, please visit us online or call 866-788-3344 today.