Photo of the Scenery at Favorite Bay near Angoon AlaskaEnjoying the great outdoors while in Angoon, Alaska, is the best part about staying with Favorite Bay Lodge during the summer. Relax, rejuvenate, and feed your soul with clean, fresh air as you escape the city and bask in nature. While at our lodge, you will be able to get your recommended dose of vitamin D, increase your energy, take a digital detox, and build your strength through our adventurous daily activities. 

Whether you’re hiking in Alaska through the Tongass National Forest, kayaking on the hidden lakes, or are reeling in a monster catch, you’ll feel a sense of self-care like never before. Here are three reasons why spending time in nature will be one of the best ways to improve your health overall!  

1. Health Benefits of the Sun

During the colder months, you tend to find everyone hibernating in their house, experiencing the winter blues in addition to feeling a sense of lower energy levels. Throughout your daily outings during the Alaska fishing season, your body will take in vitamin D from natural sunlight exposure. Also, you’ll be increasing your serotonin levels with which will improve your energy, keep you calm, and help you de-stress. Spending your days under the sun in Angoon, Alaska, will lower your blood pressure, promote healthy bone growth, and will help strengthen your immune system.   

2. Disconnect While Feeling Connected

As you spend time fishing, exploring, and hiking in Alaska, you’ll be connecting with your different senses throughout your daily treks. Taking in the sights, sounds, and fresh scents of the Tongass National Forest will be an experience unparalleled to any other. Sometimes disconnecting entirely from life conflicts, work deadlines, and the feelings of suffocation from all of the noise of everyday life is necessary. Being around breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, bright blankets of greenery, and sounds of the water as you fish in Alaska will help you center your mental, physical, and emotional health. 

3. Gain Hands-On Experience

As you fish in Alaska, not only will you improve your strength and balance, you’ll also be gaining a new life experience that will stick with you for years to come. Whether you’re reeling in a catch or are hiking in Alaska, you’ll be improving your reaction time as well as growing your natural survival instincts. As you gain hands-on experience outdoors in Angoon, Alaska, you’ll notice that you begin to retain information more quickly, in addition to actively use your critical thinking skills daily.  

Favorite Bay Lodge | Angoon, Alaska

Admiralty Island is located off the beaten path in a secluded area that promises the best place to saltwater and freshwater fish in Alaska. Surround yourself with nature, explore the hiking trails, play a game of cards in the Great Room, or tell stories by the fire pit in the evening while at Favorite Bay Lodge. No matter what outdoor activities you choose to participate in during your stay, you’ll create life-lasting memories! Take a look at our website to see all you can experience in the great outdoors in Angoon, Alaska. Please give us a call if you’d like to speak with a friendly staff member about your upcoming trip at 1-866-788-3344