An image of a map focused on Angoon, Alaska.Many travelers say that becoming familiar with the place you’re visiting before you go is a must. From little-known facts to finding things to do, there are many benefits to getting acquainted with your travel destination. Not far from Favorite Bay Lodge, the quaint village of Angoon, Alaska, is somewhat of a hidden gem for anyone visiting Favorite Bay. Surrounded by the iconic Tongass National Forest and teeming with a fascinating array of history and cultural significance, we’re grateful to be close to the quaint and interesting village of Angoon.

Angoon, Alaska: What to Expect and 5 Things to Do

As one of Admiralty Island’s only towns or villages, you may wonder what to expect. There are no taverns, restaurants, or stores, so you’ll want to load up on extras before heading out to Favorite Bay Lodge. Still, the sparse population is precisely what makes this somewhat overlooked village so charming. Now, even though there isn’t anything in the way of eateries or watering holes, there is still plenty to do for an open-minded traveler. 

  • There’s no shortage of beautiful ocean views in Angoon, so it’s not surprising that many visitors find themselves taking pictures.
  • Take a Pack Creek Bear Viewing Area tour for a candid glimpse of iconic brown bears.
  • Explore miles of shoreline and comb the sand for unexpected treasures.
  • Bring your binoculars and do some bird watching.
  • Take a self-guided historical tour of Beavertail Road to take in the traditional buildings and cultural monuments like totems.

A Premier Alaska Fishing Lodge on Admiralty Island

Photo of an Admiralty Island Sunset after a Full Day of Salmon Fishing in AlaskaIt doesn’t take long to realize that Favorite Bay Lodge near Angoon, Alaska, is an excellent place for an all-inclusive fishing trip. And it never hurts to do some exploring when you aren’t out chasing salmon and halibut! Our Southeast Alaska fishing lodge is an extraordinary place to experience the great outdoors while creating unforgettable memories. To find out more or to book your trip today, please reach out to us online or call 866-788-3344 and find your wild side!