Man standing in water fishing.

Two things are almost always true about fishing in Alaska. One, the fishing will be incredible. Two, the weather will probably be unpredictable. To deal with the latter, it’s important that you add the following five items to your fishing trip packing list before taking off for your Alaska wilderness lodge.

  • Polar fleece vest or jacket. The most important thing to remember when packing for an Alaska fishing trip is to wear layers. And a polar fleece vest or jacket is one of the best ways to add an extra layer of warmth when you’re salmon fishing in Alaska. Depending on the temperature, you can either wear your polar fleece alone or you can layer it under a waterproof jacket for extra warmth. Some fishermen prefer wearing fleece vests rather than jackets because then they won’t have to deal with wet sleeves after handling their catch.
  • Quick dry pants.  This is another must-have layer. On chilly days, you can wear them with long underwear and your waders. While on milder days, you can wear them with just your waders. In addition, these pants are nice enough to be worn into town or when you’re hanging out at the lodge.
  • Rain gear. Chances are that you’ll encounter rain or other precipitation during your fishing trip, so you’ll definitely need a nice quality waterproof jacket. If possible, avoid jackets in bright hues. Fish can see color, so you could potentially spook them if you’re wearing a brightly colored jacket while fishing on a small stream or channel.
  • Waders. Because the waters in Alaska are so cold, it is important that you bring waders that fit you properly. Some lodges do offer loaner waders, but it’s typically better if you bring your own.
  • Polarized Sunglasses. These are preferable over regular sunglasses because they can cut the glare coming off the water. This, in turn, will allow you to see more clearly into the water.
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