The Perfect Retreat

Here’s what some of our guests have said. We hope to see you in the summer!


What a wonderful way to introduce your family to one of the most beautiful places in the world; and the bonus is you get to go fishing and eat like a king.

John Pisto – Monterey, California
Men holding large fish.
Woman kayaking.

Oh, my goodness, I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed our stay at Favorite Bay!!  Everyday was a wonderful experience. And the fine dining was such a bonus for everyone concerned!  [Our Guide] did a really superb job with [us], the rookies that we are, stream fishing and sniffing out a bear…

Sue and Jeff – California

Thanks for your outstanding service and attention to every detail that made our visit wonderful …We will be raving when we get home about the fish, scenery, dining and most of all the hospitality.

Linda – Pennsylvania
Bunch of fish on a boat.