Photo of a Leaping Whale near Admiralty IslandAdmiralty Island, Alaska, is one of the last remaining hidden gems in North America as only a handful of fishing and adventure lodges rest on this particularly serene isle. And Favorite Bay Lodge remains one of the only Southeast Alaska fishing lodges to provide world-class fishing, gourmet cuisine, whale watching, and crab trapping. While we’re in the midst of autumn, there’s no better time than right now to book a well-deserved, long-awaited getaway to awe-inspiring Admiralty Island.

Admiralty Island: A Scenic, Adventurous Haven

To ensure that your Southeast Alaska fishing vacation is nothing short of flawless, we’ve compiled eight reasons to visit Admiralty Island next year. Most travelers choose Favorite Bay Lodge because of our proximity to some of the best saltwater (and freshwater) salmon fishing in Alaska, but don’t forget about our seemingly endless on-site amenities, historic charm, and waterfront ambiance.

  1. Gourmet Cuisine: Favorite Bay Lodge is often categorized as a “luxury wilderness resort,” primarily because of our first-rate hospitality, handcrafted decor, and, of course, our world-class culinary team. Every evening, guests are treated to a four-course dinner complete with a mouthwatering entree, including halibut, salmon, spotted prawns, and Dungeness crab.
  2. Picturesque Beauty: We always urge guests to bring along a trusty waterproof camera because Admiralty Island’s jaw-dropping beauty is unmatched by all other faraway destinations. Capture (and eventually frame) a heartwarming sunset, majestic wild brown bear, or leaping humpback whale.
  3. World-Class Alaska Fishing Trips: It should not be understated how genuinely spectacular the saltwater and freshwater fishing trips are in the cool, clear waters that encircle Admiralty Island. We primarily target wild Pacific salmon, barn-door halibut, tasty rockfish, and some of the prettiest trout known to humankind.
  4. Utter Relaxation: Yes, you and your group will unquestionably want to paddle along Chatham Strait, hook monster fish, and hiking through Admiralty Island’s dense, diverse forestry. But sometimes it doesn’t get much better than sitting back and relaxing with an ice-cold beverage with friends and family around a crackling fire pit.
  5. Whale Watching: Chatham Strait is home to thriving krill and herring populations, which effectively draws hundreds of humpback (and occasionally killer) whales. This brief video gives you a “taste” of what to expect during a whale-watching excursion here at Favorite Bay Lodge.
  6. Pulling Traps: One of the most underrated aspects of an all-inclusive journey to Admiralty Island is our full-day crab-trapping expeditions. We have traps set in many inlets, near three island chains. You’ll bait and set several traps in hopes of snagging Dungeness crab and sweet spot prawns. Pulling traps is often combined with freshwater fishing, kayaking, and hiking.
  7. Photo of a Brown Bear on Admiralty IslandScenic, 40-Minute Seaplane Ride: After landing in Juneau, via Alaska Airlines, all guests hop aboard our seaplane en route to Admiralty Island. This 40-minute flight soars high above some of the most beautiful places in Alaska. Most passengers are speechless during the trip.
  8. Admiralty Island Bear Viewing: While we cannot guarantee that you’ll spot majestic North American brown bears during your extended getaway, it’s not uncommon to witness them feasting on spawning salmon, scurrying through the wilderness, or basking in the sunlight. Spontaneous Admiralty Island bear watching is always a highlight for our guests!

Southeast Alaska Fishing Packages

We’re now taking reservations for next year’s king and silver salmon seasons! These ultra-popular Southeast Alaska salmon fishing trips typically fill up quickly, so please give us a call today at your earliest convenience. You can reach us at 1-866-788-3344. All-inclusive packages start at just $4,123 per person.