Photo of a Monster Silver. Coho Salmon Fishing at Its Finest.Recent regulations on underpopulated king salmon put thousands of anglers in a tight spot this summer. Baiting, hooking, and hauling in a giant king salmon ranks among the most incredible experiences on earth. But while we wait for the Chinook to thrive once again, we turn our attention to the best pound-for-pound fighters in the salmon family: coho. Coho (“silver salmon”) are as fast as lightning, wicked smart, and acrobatic. Anglers from across the globe have been flocking to Southeast Alaska to partake in some of the best coho salmon fishing known to humankind. Whether you’re aiming to battle saltwater or freshwater salmon this summer, you’ll assuredly reach your limits while spending the week at Favorite Bay Lodge. Keep reading to learn more about one of the only luxury fishing lodges in the region!

Freshwater Coho Salmon Fishing

A day spent coho salmon fishing in one of the most beautiful places in Alaska is a no-brainer. Yes, there’s a seemingly endless pool of water that surrounds Admiralty Island that’s brimming with wild coho salmon, but most guests want to trek into the great unknown to hidden creeks, streams, and lakes. Many of our coho fishing trips take place inside the gorgeous Tongass National Forest where anglers utilize fly rods and ultra-light spinning gear. We won’t give away our favorite secluded honey holes, but most locations are only accessible by kayak or canoe.

Wild Coho Salmon

As we mentioned earlier, the Pacific Ocean is brimming with silvers. Saltwater coho salmon fishing is an entirely different experience altogether as you’ll motor out through jaw-dropping sounds, passages, and channels with a Coast Guard-certified guide. While the freshwater coho salmon fishing season lasts from early July through autumn’s peak, the saltwater season never ends. Our guides use tried-and-true methods to hook cohos as the Pacific doesn’t play host to any “runs.” These local guides have been coho salmon fishing in these waters their entire lives, so you’re in great hands!

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Photo of a Salmon Dinner. Coho Salmon Fishing Available at Favorite Bay!The fine folks here at Favorite Bay Lodge will fillet, vacuum seal, flash freeze, and package your daily hauls so that you can enjoy tasty salmon dinners for many months to come. We’re also more than overjoyed to provide gourmet cuisine on a nightly basis where our Chef du Cuisine prepares fresh halibut, spotted prawns, Dungeness crab, coho salmon, and a wide variety of other succulent treats. Each four-course gourmet dinner is a culinary journey across the Seven Seas. And if you’re interested in joining a cooking class, simply give us a call today at 1-866-788-3344.