A group of canoers navigate to their next location during a family vacation in Alaska.Whether you and your family will be making your way to the “Last Frontier” for the first time or visit every year, one thing is certain—a trip to Favorite Bay Lodge will be an unforgettable voyage. Part of what makes an Alaskan vacation so unique is that there are many things to discover that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s watching majestic fauna, exploring the world’s largest temperate rainforest, or having a world-class fishing experience, our slice of Admiralty Island offers something for everyone. As such, an Alaska family vacation is the perfect way to ensure your children inherit your love for the great outdoors while creating lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime. Now, heading up to our neck of the woods is going to be much different than a typical camping or road trip—but with a few minor considerations, you’ll be on a seamless adventure!

The Best Time to Visit Alaska

When it comes to making the most of your time at Favorite Bay Lodge, you’ll want to consider what time of the year will best maximize your Alaska family vacation. Those who arrive in June, July, and August will find an abundance of daylight accompanied by the midnight sun. Although May and September come with shorter daylight hours, you’ll see fewer travelers at tourist hotspots like Tongass National Forest and the Chatham Straits. Indeed, there are many valid reasons to choose either timeframe, but one thing remains the same; there will always be fish to catch!

An Alaska Family Vacation Favorite Bay Bucket List

Favorite Bay is an excellent Alaska family vacation spot, thanks in no small part to the spectacular wildlife and the landscapes in which they reside. As such, finding something to do on Admiralty Island is pretty straightforward, but allocating time to do everything can pose a minor challenge. Thankfully, we have plenty of expertise in helping visitors decide on their next adventure. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Take a full-day guided kayak trip into the sparkling waters of Southeast Alaska
  • Set crab traps in hidden nooks scattered throughout Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof Islands.
  • Explore the Tongass National Forest in search of sacred wildlife, edible treasures, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.
  • Whale watching in the Chatham Straits is something all nature enthusiasts should experience.
  • Go fishing in one of the most pristine fisheries in the world, and then have us process it so that you may relive your Alaska family vacation with a delectable dinner on your home turf.
  • Join our top-level chefs as they demonstrate how to prepare your bounty, create classic desserts, and even help prepare the evening’s offerings.

All-Inclusive Resorts in Alaska and Family Vacation Packages

A humpback whale jumps out of the ocean in Angoon, Alaska.We’re more than confident that you’ll fall in love with Favorite Bay during your Alaska family vacation, but you can’t find out by taking our word for it! Be sure to check out our rates and specials page to find out how we can give your family the trip of a lifetime. To make a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 866-788-3344 for more information.