An appetizing plate of halibut cheeks.Part of what makes Favorite Bay Lodge the preferred angling destination for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts is the savory, sweet, and delicious offerings provided by world-class culinary masters. Furthermore, our all-inclusive rates include up to 100 lbs of processed fish, packaging, and freight back to Juneau. That means you can recreate the delectable gourmet cuisine even after you’ve returned from your trip. One of the most versatile specimens that we target in Angoon is the mighty halibut. Easy to cook in a variety of preparations, halibut meat flats are large and firm, but using the correct methods will result in a final product that is tender and flavorful. Arguably the best part of these massive game fish is the cheeks. As such, we thought it would be fitting to share a simple guide to how to cook halibut!

How to Cook Halibut | Preparation

You might be wondering how to cook halibut. The first thing you should know is that the filets contain firm white meat flakes that exhibit a relatively mild flavor, making halibut recipes perfect for anyone with an appreciation for whitefish. Arguably the most defining feature of halibut is that it stays “like new” for several months after freezing. After thawing, you’ll need to wash the fish adequately under cold water and dab it dry with a paper towel. Be sure you have a meat thermometer in your arsenal, as it can lose moisture quickly once it’s cooked. If you plan on marinating, be sure to use a recipe that won’t undermine its distinct flavor. We recommend trying marinades based on ginger, garlic, and rosemary. Otherwise, dry rub seasonings work exceptionally well. Here are some of the ways you can learn how to cook halibut:

  • Pan-seared – If you’d like to add a natural crust and crunch to your filets, then pan-searing is the way to go. You can prepare all of it in the pan or remove it towards the end to finish in the oven for more crunch.
  • Grilling – Because halibut has far less oil in it than trout or salmon, it’s crucial to remember that it can easily stick to the grill. Be sure to start with a clean, well-oiled grill plate before starting.
  • Baking – Probably the easiest way to cook halibut is baking. Just like with grilling, you’ll need to employ a healthy amount of oil. The most effective method to ensure a delicious creation is retaining moisture. 

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A pan sear halibut recipe comes to life along side a few veggies.One of the most noteworthy features of staying at Favorite Bay Lodge is the care we put into creating a memorable and unique experience for everyone who visits. Fishing isn’t the only thing we’ll teach you. Not only do we offer a world-class dining experience, but we’ll also show you how to cook halibut and other ocean delicacies with an extraordinary demonstration that will have you coming away with the confidence of an iron chef. To learn more about how we can provide a quintessential Alaska experience on Admiralty Island, please visit us online or call 866-788-3344.