A picture of several halibut that were caught with the help of an Alaska fishing guide.Fishing near Admiralty Island is an intriguing endeavor that every sport fisherman and woman should explore. Year after year, anglers from the world over flock to Southeast Alaska in search of a massive bounty or a personal best, frequently watching their dreams come true. With any new challenge, there comes a learning curve, and fishing in Alaska is a prime example. 

Even if you’ve spent some time on Admiralty Island or the many other isles in Southeast Alaska, you’ll want the tutelage of someone who has dedicated much of their life’s work to finding and catching the magnificent specimens that inhabit our Alaskan waters. As much as we share and appreciate the can-do attitude exhibited by many anglers, we recommend looking into Alaska fishing guides. 

4 Good Reasons to Hire Alaska Fishing Guides

Techniques and methods that proved useful one day can’t guarantee success with each trip. Traveling on unfamiliar turf will further muddle the situation and difficulty of finding what you are seeking. You come away with a bountiful and memorable experience when you combine the grit and tenacity of a seasoned angler with the expertise and professionalism of our Alaska fishing guides. 

They Catch Fish like It’s Their Job

All joking aside, it is their job to find and put you on as many fish as possible. Think back to anytime you’ve brought a friend to your honey hole in an attempt to recreate a momentous time on the water. You likely told them that you hammered fish the last time you were there, but now the pressure is on to reproduce that fateful day. Hiring Alaska fishing guides relieves all of the stress associated with finding the fish so that you may focus on catching them.

Learn from a Local Master

Most of what we know to be right about fishing is learned through trial and error. To humbly acknowledge that there is still a lot to learn about fishing in Alaska is a big step in the right direction. When it’s all said and done, people start fishing because it presents an exhilarating challenge. A guide will show you tried and true methods for overcoming obstacles on your Alaska fishing vacation. The most important things are to keep an open mind and ask questions.

Cultivate Rapport

Finding a guide that you work well with will go a long way when fishing in Alaska. Building a trusting relationship can make you a preferred customer upon your return, which will surely benefit you in the long run. Exemplary customers are eager to share their great experiences—and their guide’s business card—with friends and family. Be sure to tell your people to let the guide know who sent them!

Less Gear Equals Less Stress

Going with an Alaska fishing guide will ensure that you need not concern yourself with the baits, lures, and other gear you would while fishing your home waters. As creatures of habit, we tend to feel vulnerable without our most familiar tackle. It’s understandable why some might feel that way. However, it’s much easier to focus on catching fish when your guide is handling all the equipment. 

An Alaska Fishing Vacation at Favorite Bay Lodge

Favorite Bay Lodge has become known as one of the best Southeast Alaska fishing resorts partly because of our guides. In addition to our knowledgeable staff, we also have the perfect accommodations for any Alaska fishing vacation. Please call us at 1-866-788-3344 or visit us online to learn more about our rates and specials.