Photo of a Family Around a Campfire at Favorite Bay, One of the Best Alaska Fishing ResortsHundreds of anglers from across the globe journey to Angoon, Alaska, every summer to indulge in some of the best fishing, natural scenery, and culinary creations in North America. Favorite Bay Lodge, located on jaw-dropping Admiralty Island, remains one of the premier Southeast Alaska fishing resorts thanks to our world-class fishing guides, secluded location, and award-winning culinary team. All guests will have the rare opportunity to savor a nightly, four-course gourmet meal, which may include fresh halibut, smoked salmon, fresh-caught Dungeness crab, or many other delicacies. After dinner, guests typically have one to three hours of R&R before sundown. Some guests go for a leisurely stroll near our bayfront fishing lodge while others will play cards with friends new and old in our rustic, alluring Great Room.

Top 10 After-Dinner Activities at Favorite Bay Lodge

We’ve compiled ten of our favorite after-dinner activities to give you a “taste” of the community atmosphere here at Favorite Bay Lodge, one of the top-rated Southeast Alaska fishing resorts.

  1. Share stories in the Great Room – There’s nothing better than sharing absorbing stories of the day’s best catches next to a crackling sunken fireplace with friends new and old!
  2. Kayak – We have a small fleet of kayaks here at Favorite Bay Lodge. Feel free to hop aboard one of these colorful, sturdy vessels, and explore the bay while the sun dips below Admiralty Island.
  3. Birdwatching on the property – Admiralty Island is home to one of the world’s most diverse and thriving wildlife populations, including a wide variety of birds. Bald eagles, in particular, soar across our bayfront fishing lodge during all hours of the day.
  4. Savor a glass of wine – Treat yourself to a glass of award-winning vino in the back yard, on the balcony, or in the Great Room.
  5. Gather around the fire pit – The perfect way to end a glorious day in The Last Frontier is with s’mores, refreshing drinks, and rousing conversations around a crackling bonfire.
  6. Read a book – There’s a seemingly endless array of quiet spaces here in Angoon, Alaska, for those who’re hoping to finish that novel.
  7. Take a hike – The sun typically goes down around 10 p.m. in June, which is the best month of the year to embark on a one or two-hour “forest bathing” trek.
  8. Take a bath – Take full advantage of our soaking tubs by relaxing in a warm bath. We’re one of the only Southeast Alaska fishing resorts that offer private soaking tubs!
  9. Play cards – It’s not uncommon to see five to ten anglers gathered around a table in the Great Room playing an array of card games. These moments, on the surface, are rather unsubstantial, and yet they last a lifetime!
  10. Use the internet – Most of our guests are taking long breaks from their workplaces. It’s common for visiting anglers to check their emails, correspond with family members, or check scores. We have a functional workstation for such occasions. To book a once-in-a-lifetime getaway to one of the premier Southeast Alaska fishing resorts, please give us a call today at 1-866-788-3344.