A nice picture of Juneau, Alaska, during the day.One of the perks of visiting Favorite Bay Lodge in Angoon, Alaska, is having a chance to spend a little time in the capital, Juneau. Now, this little city certainly won’t wow you with towering skyscrapers or a flashy fashion scene. Still, what it lacks in cosmopolitan appeal, it amply makes up for in scenic beauty. Depending on your travel plans, you may only have enough time to grab some food at the airport. However, if you plan on spending a day or more, there are plenty of things to do in Juneau before you begin your Alaskan adventure.

What to Do at Juneau International Airport

If you only have an hour or two to spare, you can indeed find something better to do than scrolling through your smartphone at Juneau International Airport. If you’re looking for a quick stop to pick up an early souvenir, check out the Hummingbird Hollow Gift Shop. Here you’ll find plenty of books, travel essentials, trinkets, and keepsakes. If you hear your stomach starting to grumble, then be sure to stop by Tailwind Concessions for a variety of grab-and-go food options. If you’ve already made it past the security checkpoint, then you’ll be delighted to find food, beverage, and alcohol service after the security screening.

Getting Around and What to Do in Juneau, Alaska

An alluring picture of Juneau, Alaska, at night.If you want to do some sightseeing in the “big city” before making your way to Angoon, be sure to let us know, and we can help plan your itinerary. Offering effortless transport direct to downtown from the airport, Capital Transit is the city’s quickest, most cost-effective way to get around without driving yourself. Heritage Coffee Roasting Company has arguably the best cup of java in Juneau. If your snack from Tailwinds isn’t holding you over, be sure to stop by The Hangar on the Wharf for some delectable, fresh Alaskan seafood. Here are five other places and attractions worth visiting while looking for things to do in Juneau:

All-Inclusive Luxury Fishing Resorts in Alaska

With a few new ideas in mind, you should have no issues finding things to do in Juneau, Alaska, before heading to Favorite Bay Lodge! In addition to world-class angling, visitors will enjoy a bevy of other outdoor activities, a gourmet culinary experience, and friendly service from the minute they arrive. What’s more, our all-inclusive luxury fishing resort is one of the only lodges on Admiralty Island, giving you a genuinely remote Alaskan adventure. For more details or to make reservations, please get in touch with us online or call 866-788-3344 today!