An assortment of colorful single and double-occupancy kayaks on an Alaskan shoreline.Even some of the most experienced kayak enthusiasts never make their way to “The Last Frontier.” As such, gliding across the pristine waters of coastal Alaska is a bucket list adventure for many. Much like the fishing guides at Favorite Bay Resort, their kayak instructors find great joy in sharing their expertise, knowledge, and know-how with eager explorers. Although most of our guests place fishing at the forefront of their retreat, kayaking in Alaska always seems to be a popular prospect. Floating atop shimmering tidal waters surrounded by picturesque beauty is a genuinely immersive experience and one of the most memorable ways to discover Admiralty Island.

Kayaking in Alaska | Explore Admiralty Island

Amid coastal coves adorned with emerald moss and ferns, even the most discerning adventurer will quickly find kayaking in Alaska as an enchanting endeavor. It’s no secret that the Angoon area offers a world-class fishing experience. Still, many of the same factors contributing to such a standing also lend themselves to an otherworldly float and paddle. Sprawling alpine forests mixed with gorgeous waterways create an ideal setting for unearthing your wild side. With the assistance of a trusty guide, you’ll have an opportunity to see resplendent anemones, iconic starfish, vibrant coral, and other reef residents. What’s more, your guides will impart a wealth of cultural and historical knowledge along the way!

Angoon, Alaska Vacation Packages

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of booking an all-inclusive vacation in Alaska is knowing you’ll get your money’s worth. You can seamlessly meander from one activity to the next without wondering if you have enough in your budget while knowing that you won’t incur food and round-trip transportation expenses from Juneau. Favorite Bay will provide all transportation to and from Juneau via floatplane, and they’ll also help you organize your commercial flights. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to bring back up to 100 pounds of processed Alaskan fish! 

Alaska All-Inclusive Resorts and Vacation Spots

Wooden lodge near pond with snow covered mountain in background.Finding the perfect vacation spot isn’t always an easy task. Part of what makes Favorite Bay Resort such an alluring proposition is the myriad of activities and adventures you will find both memorable and exciting. Kayaking in Alaska is something every outdoor enthusiast should experience in their life, so why not do it right on Admiralty Island? For more details about what Angoon has to offer, please reach out to us online or call 866-788-3344.