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In many ways, Alaska is a destination unlike any other. While this means that your visit to Alaska is sure to be one of the most memorable trips you ever make, it also means that there are are some special considerations for what you should pack. Outlined below are guidelines for what to pack on an Alaskan trip depending on the time of year you want to visit.

What to Pack for Alaska in June

In June, the Alaskan summer is in full-swing. However, The cool air of spring still lingers, so you will want to pack warm clothing. Layer your clothing so that you can adjust it as needed, as the temperature in June can vary dramatically depending on the day and the location.

What to Pack for Alaska in July

By July, the weather in Alaska has warmed considerably. In most cases, light clothing such as pants and jacket will be more than enough to keep you comfortable. However, you will still want to pack some warmer clothes in case the temperature fluctuates.

What to Pack for Alaska in August

In August, the Alaskan weather is plenty comfortable. However, Alaskan Augusts are still sure to be much cooler than the August weather you may be used to, so be sure to pack a light jacket and long pants. If you plan to go to higher altitudes such as the hike to the top of a mountain, you will want to pack even warmer clothing than this.

What to Pack for Alaska no Matter When You Visit

There are a number of items you will want to pack on your trip to Alaska no matter what time of year it is. These include a good pair of hiking shoes, a raincoat and umbrella in case it rains, and, of course, a quality camera to capture all of the memories you are going to make.

If you are ready to book your once-in-a-lifetime visit to Alaska or have any further questions about what you should pack, we invite you to contact us today.

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