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If you have the opportunity to experience seeing Alaskan whales up close and in person, it is no doubt going to be a memory you will want to capture forever in a photograph. Of course, knowing the wildlife photography tips for how to photograph whales can be the difference between your whale watching photos looking like something out of National Geographic magazine and capturing nothing but blurry water.

How to Photograph Whales

When photographing whales, there are a few wildlife photography tips that will help you out a lot. These are:

  • Stay on the Deck – Photographing a whale from the crow’s nest of the boat only makes the whale look smaller and less impressive.
  • Stay Calm – You don’t need to get over-excited and shoot a quick flurry of photos. Stay calm, take your time, and make sure your photos are great.
  • Get Birds in Your Frame – Often times where there are whales there are seabirds. If you can manage to get a few seabirds in the frame when you take a picture of a whale, not only will it make the photo all the more interesting it will also provide some comparison to show off the size of the whale.
  • Use Auto White Balance – Auto white balance is great for making pictures taken on the water look crisp and clear.

The Final, Most Important Tip

By far the most important tip on how to photograph whales is to go where the whales are! At Favorite Bay Lodge, we are located next to some of the most whale-rich waters in all of Alaska. If you would like to book your very own whale watching trip and embark on a whale photographing adventure, we invite you to contact us today.

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