Aerial View of the Tongass National ForestThe Tongass National Forest covers around 17 million acres of the Southeast Alaska Panhandle, including Angoon, Alaska, on Admiralty Island, where Favorite Bay Lodge is located. During your stay, you’ll be able to take the most incredible photos on some of the best hikes in Alaska in the national forest. Not only is the forest full of wildlife including wolves, bald eagles, and brown bears, it’s also referred to as the national salmon forest. You’ll find the five species of salmon, and you should know that there are more salmon in Tongass than all of the other national forests combined! Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Tongass National Forest one of the most majestic places to explore on the planet! 

Tongass National Forest Ecosystem

While hiking in Alaska, you’ll walk by rare old-growth trees, salmon streams, diverse wildlife, wild mushrooms, and berries, as well as many other features that make up the beautiful ecosystem of the forest. One reason many come to fish in Alaska at our lodge is because of the dense salmon population in Tongass. You’ll find that an incredible 25% of the salmon located on the West Coast in the United States was initially hatched in the forest. Along with salmon, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for bald eagles as they appear in more numbers near Angoon, Alaska, than any other area around the world. 

The People

As most know, salmon is the main bloodline for the 32 communities that are located in the Tongass National Forest. The Southeast Alaska region folk, including those that live in Angoon, Alaska, depending on the different resources of the national forest to survive. It should come as no surprise then the salmon is the leading source of food for the 70,000 residents in Southeast Alaska, but you should know the deer and moose are a primary source as well.  

Escape to Admiralty Island

Many people are drawn to Tongass National Forest to explore the wildlife and best hikes in Alaska, which is why you’ll want to check it out during your stay with Favorite Bay Lodge. It’s not every day that you can feel mother nature in its raw form, but you’ll be able to do just that by experiencing the great outdoors like never before in Angoon, Alaska! You’ll feel inspired as you enjoy world-class fishing, hiking, gourmet meals, and fantastic night’s sleep during the upcoming season. Please check out our Specials page to learn more about the lodging rates and the reservation information. If you’d like to speak with someone directly, give us a call at 1-866-788-3344