Photo of a Hooked King Salmon. Southeast Alaska Salmon Fishing is the Best.Many people think of the ocean when the topic of salmon arises and for good reason. How many times have you seen ocean anglers on television pulling up massive salmon or heard stories from your buddies about the time they limited out on an Alaska fishing charter? What some people don’t realize is that salmon are an anadromous species, meaning they thrive in both fresh and saltwater. 

The life of an Alaska freshwater salmon starts beneath the surface of the inland streams and rivers where they can live for up to several years—depending on the species—before migrating to the ocean. When their time at sea concludes, in order to spawn, they make their way back to the streams that once bore them; beginning the cycle once more.

Experience Alaska’s Freshwater Salmon

Thanks to the streams and rivers that house these native species, anyone who embarks on a Southeast Alaska salmon fishing trip has a real chance of landing a personal best. Now, it’s still a good idea to get acquainted with the different types of fish you’ll be targeting.

  • Chum salmon have the most expansive natural area of any Pacific salmon and therefore are a popular variety for commercial fishing fleets. They are the second largest of the Pacific salmon, averaging about 16 pounds.
  • Sockeye is arguably the most valuable salmon on a per pound basis; as subsistence harvesters, commercial fishermen, foodies, and anglers all pine for this beautiful specimen. Breeding males form a humpback and hooked jaws, and both males and females display a bright red body with an olive-green head.
  • Chinook—or king salmon—is the official fish of Alaska and is a vital component to both the state economy and the ecosystem. Although chinook is the biggest of the Pacific salmon, they can vary greatly in size.
  • Coho salmon are probably the most aggressive species you’ll encounter as they are known to seemingly swim directly at anglers as they make their way downstream. Coho inhabits almost all lakes and streams that flow to the sea, although these feisty salmonids seem to prefer headwaters.
  • Pink salmon are the smallest of the Pacific salmon, with an average mass of about four pounds. Pinks are known as the most productive species as they collectively release about 900 million fry each year!

A Place to Call Home | Southeast Alaska Salmon Fishing

Part of what separates Favorite Bay Lodge from other Alaska fishing resorts are the accommodations. Southeast Alaska salmon fishing is some of the best in the world, but the only thing that makes it better is a nice place to fill your belly and rest your bones after a long day. 

It’s hard to beat relaxing next to a fireplace after supper with a nice book—we have a small library—or taking a gander at the regal view from our observation point located atop the lodge. You can even catch up with your friends online or post your fishing pictures to social media from our guest workstation. We also offer 12 individual guest rooms featuring exquisite bathrooms, elegant furniture, handmade rugs, and some of the most refreshing beds you may ever lay in. 

To learn more about how we can facilitate your Southeast Alaska salmon fishing adventure, please visit us online or call at 1-866-788-3344. We promise to save some for you.