Two fish hooks symmetrically placed in the shape of a heart, representing a romantic getaway in Alaska.When you think of romantic getaways, Alaska may not be the first place that comes to mind. Still, if you and that special someone call yourselves outdoor enthusiasts, you may want to consider “The Last Frontier.” With idyllic landscapes, snow-covered mountain peaks, sparkling lakes, and beautiful beaches, Alaska has a lot to offer.

Whether it’s an anniversary celebration, birthday, honeymoon, or simply a memorable trip together, you’ve got a place in our neck of the woods at Favorite Bay Lodge, one of the Admiralty Islands’ sometimes overlooked lovebird destinations. Not only can you engage in quintessential outdoor activities to rekindle your passion, but you’ll also find rustic yet elegant accommodations and world-class cuisine.

Why Favorite Bay Lodge is Great for Romantic Getaways in Alaska

If you’re hoping to enjoy a fun-filled retreat in the lap of luxury while also having unfettered access to the wilderness, here are a few reasons why Favorite Bay Lodge is among the best places for romantic getaways in Alaska.

Awesome Outdoor Activities

Few other places offer the opportunity to explore the great outdoors like Favorite Bay Lodge. Discover the unsullied wild as a couple while enjoying several wildlife activities. From whale watching at Chatham Straits to kayaking along the shoreline or freshwater fishing, you’ll find plenty of fantastic experiences.

Cozy Guest Rooms

After a day of sightseeing and other outdoor pursuits, cuddle up in one of our well-appointed spacious accommodations adorned with native artwork and handcrafted furniture. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy gazing into the picturesque views of the serene inland waters or watching the sunsets from the comfort of your room. Grab a couple of books from the Great Room, make yourselves at home, and enjoy a soak in the hot tub.

Fine Gourmet Dining

An appetizing plate of halibut cheeks.Hop aboard a culinary adventure by experiencing the gourmet fusion of some of the best Northwestern foods in our kitchen. Cuisine connoisseurs will love the four-course gourmet meals and hearty servings. Indulge in the finest meats and fresh-caught seafood over a glass of wine while you celebrate your dedication to each other.

The Perfect Alsaka Fishing Lodge For a Romantic Getaway

Whether you want to experience fishing in some of the world’s most productive waters, hike beautiful coastal forests, or simply take in the sights and sounds, Favorite Bay Lodge presents the perfect base camp for a love-induced adventure. Reach out online to learn more about our amazing all-inclusive vacation packages, a noteworthy option for romantic getaways in Alaska.