Best places to see whales in Alaska.

Alaska whale watching is an experience unlike any other, as nowhere else in the world do you have the opportunity to witness awe-inspiring creatures such as the orca whale in their natural habitat. If you would like the chance to see these amazing creatures for yourself, consider a trip to these best places to see whales in Alaska.

The Chatham Straits

The Chatham Straits are home to humpback whales, orca whales, and porpoises. These krill and herring rich waters are perfect for spotting whales and are such a great place to observe these amazing creatures that both the Discovery Channel and National Geographic have filmed documentaries at this site.

Cook Inlet

Cook Inlet draws whale watchers from all over the world, as it is an excellent place to spot both beluga whales and humpback whales. In fact, the Cook Inlet belugas are among the most isolated and endangered of beluga whales, making Cook Inlet one of the only places you can see this particular species of whale.

San Juan Islands

If you want to see grey whales playing and feeding in their natural habitat, the San Juan Islands is the place to go. In addition to grey whales, these breathtaking waters are also a great place to spot orca whales.

Go on a Whale Watching Adventure in Southeast Alaska

The waters of Southeast Alaska provide for some of the best Alaska whale watching that the state has to offer, and Favorite Bay Lodge is located within easy travel distance of all the destinations listed above. Visiting these sites to view whales is among the favorite activities of our guests, and it is sure to be an experience that you won’t soon forget.

If you would like to book your very own Southeast Alaska whale watching adventure, we invite you to contact us today.

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